Serenity (2005): Zoe Stays Behind


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The clip zoe stays behind from Serenity (2005) with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres

Go. Go.
Head inside!
Jayne, rearguard.
Zoe, what've we got? Sir...
this is a good hold point.
We all stay together. No.
They have to come through here.
They'll bottleneck, we can thin them out.
We get pushed back, there's the blast doors.
I can rig them so they won't reopen once they close.
Shut them and hide until I get...
We need to draw them till it's done.
This is the place. We'll buy you the time.
All right, let's move those crates back there for cover.
Make sure they ain't filled with nothing goes boom.
Wait, Wash! Where's Wash?
He ain't coming.
Move the gorramn crates!
Tell me you brought them this time.

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