Serenity (2005): Fighting the Reavers


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The clip fighting the reavers from Serenity (2005) with Sean Maher, Gina Torres

Up high, left!
Fall back! Everybody, fall back! Fall back now!
Jayne, grenade.
Very last one.
They're gonna get in.
I can close it from the outside.
No one's coming back from that.
How much ammo do we have?
Three, four max, and my swinging cod. That's all.
The lift isn't moving.
When they come, try to plug the hole with it.
I'm starting to lose some feeling here.
Lie still. I'm going to give you something...
My bag.
Keep pressure here.
My bag.
I need...
adrenaline and a shot of...
calaphar for Kaylee.
I can't.
River, I'm sorry. No.

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