Serenity (2005): Simon and Kaylee Talk


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The clip simon and kaylee talk from Serenity (2005) with Summer Glau, Sean Maher

The Reavers. They are all made up of rage.
It's okay. It's okay. I can't shut them up.
Stay low.
She picked a sweet bung of a time to go helpless on us.
Jayne and I take the first wave.
Nobody shoots unless they get past our fire.
I didn't plan on going out like this.
I think we did right, but...
No. I never planned... anything.
I just wanted to keep River safe.
Spent so much time on Serenity ignoring anything...
that I wanted for myself.
My one regret in all of this...
is never being with you.
With me?
You mean to say, as...
I mean to say.
Hell with this. I'm gonna live.

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