P.S. I Love You (2007): Daniel's Loss


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The clip Daniel's Loss from P.S. I Love You (2007)

That explains a lot, actually. I love the Yankees too, and I lost my fianc�e last year.
Yeah, she slept with my best friend. She left me.
My best friend was a woman.
Her last words to me were, "I'd still be with you if you weren't a man. "
And I'm like:
"Well, castrating me is definitely the first step toward achieving that particular goal. "
It's still my fault. I introduced them.
I always had this fantasy about making love to two women at the same time.
Except in my fantasy, I was still in the bed for the second and third time.
Then this'll make you feel great.
The best friend that my ex-fianc�e slept with was my ex-ex-fianc�e...
...and she was my business partner, and we started the business with my money.
So I ended up losing the business, my partner and my fianc�e.
How'd you get over that?
I went through, like, a major hooker phase all year.
But that didn't help.
No, it helped a lot. I just started to run out of money.
It's actually a lot cheaper to date.
Do you think that you're gonna ever find another woman to love?
No, I think I repel the women that I want the most.
That's not true.

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