The American President (1995): Digging Dirt on Sydney


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The clip digging dirt on sydney from The American President (1995) with Joshua Malina, Annette Bening

I agree with you 110 percent, Mrs. Harper.
That's why I'm up here in the winter talkin' about it with you folks.
That's very generous of you, ma'am.
I'll be taking that money off your hands right now.
What do you got?
Call me Santa Claus, Senator. She's got an FBI file.
Oh, shit, Stu! My mother's got an FBI file.
Yeah, but I got art.
It's a demonstration outside the Department of Commerce.
The picture's old and some faces are obscured by the fire...
but that's a burning flag...
and that's Sydney Ellen Wade right there in front.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Think like a father for a second.
Wouldn't you like your kids to be able to take a deep breath when they're 30?
Thank you! You're doing the right thing.
Tote board's heavy.
How's this?
Terrill, North Carolina.
Syd, I saw on your schedule you're gonna meet with McSorley, McCluskey and Shane?
Yeah. The Motown Three said they'd give me 30 minutes next week.
These are people who represent people who make cars for a living.
Cars, you understand, run on gasoline.
I know it's a long shot...
but if I can get one of them, it's a huge payoff in visibility.
If we're gonna try, we should prep. You wanna order in?
I can't. I'm having dinner at the White House.
So let's start early tomorrow morning. Say, 7:30?
I'm having lunch at the Kremlin...
so we'll have to start even earlier than that.
Good night, David.
In order to catch the plane to Moscow.
Good night, David.

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