The American President (1995): Dating Sydney Reports


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The clip dating sydney reports from The American President (1995)

David, what about an incentive program?
Sydney Ellen Wade, the political strategist...
who accompanied President Shepherd to last week's state dinner...
reportedly spent the night at the White House as the president's guest.
The president returned from Panama this evening...
after a three-day tour through Central America.
His first order of business:
an intimate dinner with Sydney Wade at a romantic Georgetown bistro.
Conservative and religious family organizations...
are starting to smell blood in the water...
as the polling numbers of the president are dropping.
Showbiz Weekly was in Hollywood for the star-studded gala.
Also on tonight's program: day 15 of the Sydney watch.
Is the world's most eligible bachelor off the market?
Next caller, you're on the air.
What about Lucy Shepherd? Is anyone concerned about this little girl?
Can we now, finally, have a serious debate about family values?
Political polling analyst, Ed Earl.
With the president's job approval taking an eight-point dip...
from his personal best of 63 percent three weeks ago...
should the White House be concerned that the girlfriend factor...
has left Shepherd vulnerable to the character questions...
he was able to avoid three years ago?
If they're not concerned, they oughta be.
Columnist Cynthia Skyler, how will this new wrinkle...
affect his ability to put together a win on his crime bill?
When we come back...
we're gonna meet a junior high school classmate of Sydney Wade's...
who has some intimate details to share.

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