The American President (1995): Dealing with C-STAD Bombing


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The clip dealing with C-STAD bombing from The American President (1995) with Martin Sheen, Michael Douglas

The F-18s are fired up on the Nimitz and the Kitty Hawk.
They're just waiting for your attack order, Mr. President.
And we're gonna hit Libyan Intelligence Headquarters?
The NSA confirmed they're the ones who planned the bombing.
And what's the estimate?
We'll level the building.
The Libyan I.H.Q. is in the center of Tripoli. What else are we gonna hit?
Nothing, unless we miss.
Are we gonna miss?
No, sir.
How many people work in the building?
We've been through this.
How many people work in the damn building?
I have the numbers here, Mr. President. There are three shifts.
What shift has the fewest people? The night shift, right?
By far, sir. Mostly custodial staff.
What time does the night shift start?
They're on now, sir.
Sir, it's immediate, it's decisive, it's low risk...
and it's a proportional response.
Someday someone's gonna have to explain the virtue of a proportional response.
Mr. President?
As soon as our planes have cleared Libyan airspace, call the press...
but I don't know what time we'll have the full B.D.A.
General Rork says around 0800.
Sir, what do you think about a national address?
Last thing I want to do is put the Libyans center stage.
I think it's a great idea, sir.
You know Rumson's gonna be talking about your lack of military service.
It's not about Rumson.
What I did tonight was not about political gain.
But it can be, sir. What you did tonight was very presidential.
Leon, somewhere in Libya right now...

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