The American President (1995): Morning After


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The clip morning after from The American President (1995) with Anna Deavere Smith, Michael Douglas

Put him through.
Lewis, it is 5:00 a. m. You've gotta get yourself a life, man.
All right.
What are you doin'?
I wanted to leave the building before the press corps got here.
I have those same thoughts every day of my life.
You know Lewis Rothschild, don't you?
Sure. Lewis would go nuts if he knew I spent the night.
Well, he's on his way up.
Come on in, Lewis.
Morning, Mr. President. Hi, Sydney.
Hi, Lewis. Well, Mr. President...
thanks for taking the time to go over those fossil fuel numbers.
I'll just get my coat, be on my way.
So what's the situation?
Camped out at every exit.
Who's camped out?
The press.
The press is camped out?
You should have taken a cab.
They know my car?
Good morning, Mr. President, Sydney.
I came as soon as Lewis called.
Thank God.
The important thing is not to look like we're panicking.
I think the important thing is actually not to be panicking.
Morning, Mr. President.
Morning, Ms. Wade. I see everyone's getting an early start today.
How do we exit Sydney from the building and what do we say to the press?
We need a diversion.
A diversion?
I'm not suggesting that we burn down the White House.
Please, let's do.
Let me state clearly.
I can't be party to anything illegal.
Good for you, Lewis.
It's always the guy in my job who ends up doing 18 months in Danbury Prison.
Rest easy. We're not gonna create a diversion.
We're having somebody take you home.
Esther's in my office.
She has the station wagon.
Good. Now, press statement.

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