The American President (1995): Rumson Attacks Sydney


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The clip rumson attacks sydney from The American President (1995) with Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox

I'm glad to see that the president has a girlfriend.
Never mind that she's the hired gun...
of an ultra-liberal political action committee.
Never mind that the president takes the Fifth...
any time a reporter has the temerity to ask him a question about a woman...
in a position to exert enormous influence...
over a huge range of issues.
Never mind that this woman's idea of how to unwind at the end of a tough day...
is to get together with her ACLU pals and to set American flags on fire.
No reaction from the White House.
Because it doesn't need to be dignified with a response.
There's no up side. I'm leaving it alone.
What do Lewis and Robin think?
Brutus and Cassius? They want me to get into a character debate and mix it up.
Lewis and Robin are very smart.
Sydney says you guys are really stupid.
I didn't say that.
She's questioning your loyalty.
I question it all the time.
Wait a minute. Here comes my favorite part.
My name is Bob Rumson, and I'm running for president.
Glad he cleared that up, because they were about to buy some Amway products.
His numbers are climbing.
His numbers have nowhere to go but up.
What about yours?
We'll be in the 60s once I get the votes for the crime bill.
What are you doin' this weekend?
I got some work. Why?
Negotiations are going well.

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