The American President (1995): Confusing Speech Part 2


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The clip confusing speech Part 2 from The American President (1995) with Michael Douglas, Anna Deavere Smith

Too-tall McCall! So how was Mexico?
I didn't appreciate it until I came back...
and discovered that America isn't a great society.
He dumped a whole section.
Now there's this thing hanging out?
Not a great society, sir?
With you out of the country, it wasn't. Now that you're back, we're great again.
There's a pressroom full of people saying, "What did he mean by that?"
A.J., did you get one of these?
The letter from Solomon at the G.D.C.?
It appears to be a letter from the entire environmental community.
These people are out of control.
Well, they're frustrated.
Are they blaming the president for global warming?
They don't think he caused it. I'm on the phone with them twice a week.
I honestly don't know what they want at this point.
They want a 20% reduction in fossil fuel emissions.
It won't pass at 20%.
Well, we haven't really tried.
McSorley, McClusky and Shane hold too many markers.
If we try to push this through and lose, there will be a very loud thud...
and that's not what you want in an election year.
Talk to the G.D.C. again.
Tell them the president resents the implication...
he's turned his back on the environment.
I'll send 455 to the floor, but I'll ask for a 10% reduction.
If they want to pull their support, fine.
With a 63% job approval rating, I don't need their help to get a bill passed.
Good deal.
Let's get going. Where's Leon?
John, call Mr. Kodak and tell him the president's waiting.
Sorry. My fault.
Never mind, John.

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