The American President (1995): Fancy Dinner


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The clip fancy dinner from The American President (1995) with Annette Bening, Michael Douglas

When we get to the bottom of the stairs, you'll be escorted to-
They took me through it.
Oh, good.
Do you do this often, sir?
This is actually only our second state dinner.
The first one was for the emperor of Japan.
He died shortly after, so we stopped having them for a while, just in case.
I meant, do you go out on- Do you often-
Do I date a lot? No. How about you?
Me? Well, lately I seem to be going on a lot of first dates.
Then you're experienced at this.
Oh, yeah. You can ask me anything.
Well, how are we doing so far?
It's hard to say at this point.
So far, it's just your typical first-date stuff.
Damn. And I wanted to be different from the other guys.
Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States...
Oh, by the way, nice shoes.
accompanied by...
the president of France and Madame D'Astier.
Mr. President, the president and Mrs. D'Astier look bored.
They're not talking to anybody.
They're hammered.
Esther, do you speak French?
I thought you spoke French.
No, Latin.

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