The American President (1995): Debating Dating Sydney Part 2

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Published 16 Nov 2011
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The clip debating dating sydney Part 2 from The American President (1995) with Martin Sheen, Michael Dougla...
The clip debating dating sydney Part 2 from The American President (1995) with Martin Sheen, Michael Douglas

He dated her, courted her and married her.
And somewhere in there he managed to form the League of Nations.
Mr. President, this is an election year.
If you're looking for female companionship...
we can make certain arrangements that'll insure total privacy-
I don't want you to get me a girl! What is this, Vegas?
No, this is the White House.
I'm talking about something that in no way conflicts with my oath of office.
I'm a single adult. I met a woman who I'd like to see again socially.
How is that different from what Wilson did?
The difference is he didn't have to be president on television.
You said it yourself a million times.
If there had been a TV in every living room 60 years ago...
this country does not elect a man in a wheelchair.
So what are you saying?
I'm saying we'll take a hit.
How big?
Five points, maybe more.
We're talking about five points?
It could be more.
I drop five points when Wisconsin doesn't make it to the Rose Bowl.
Five-ball in the corner.
Do you want me to have Kodak put together some numbers?
No! I don't want to check a polling sample...
like I'm asking permission to stay out an hour past curfew.
This is not the business of the American people.
With all due respect, the American people have a funny way...
of deciding on their own what is and what is not their business.
I like her, A.J.
Stop being my chief of staff for one minute.
Give her a call.
She didn't say anything about me?
She did say you were taller than she thought you'd be.
Well, that's something.
Yes, sir?
I need you to find a phone number.
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