The American President (1995): Confusing Speech


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The clip confusing speech from The American President (1995) with Samantha Mathis, Michael Douglas

Liberty's moving.
The 10:15 event's been moved inside to the Indian Treaty room.
10:15 is American Fisheries?
Yes, sir. They're giving you a 200-pound halibut.
Janie, make a note. We need to schedule more events...
where somebody gives me a really big fish.
Yes, sir.
Janie, I'm kidding.
Hey, Cooper.
Morning, Mr. President.
Mr. Rothschild asked to have a moment with you this morning, sir.
Is he upset about the speech last night?
He seemed concerned.
It wouldn't be a Monday morning unless Lewis was concerned...
about something I did Sunday night.
You skipped a whole paragraph!
And Monday morning it is.
"Americans can no longer afford to pretend they live in a great society-"
And then you dumped the whole handguns paragraph.
This is a time for prudence, Lewis.
But, sir, that was the kick-ass section.
Well, I thought what with being president and all-
I didn't mean to imply-
I thought you'd be turning cartwheels this morning, Lewis.
63% job approval.
That is good news, sir.
Morning, Mr. President.
Morning, Charlie.
Sir, the press is gonna need an explanation.
For what?
Because you dumped the whole section.
Now we've got this thing hanging out.
There's this thing hanging out?
"Americans can no longer afford to pretend they live in a great society-"
And then nothing. No explanation, no context.
It's just this thing.
And it's hanging out?
Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I'm gonna need-
Overall consumer spending and not just first homes?
We'll have it for you in 15 minutes.
Mr. President, I really feel-
However much coffee you drink, I want you to reduce it by half.
I don't drink coffee, sir.
Then hit yourself with a baseball bat.
Yes, sir.
Happy birthday, Laura.
Laura, happy birthday.
Thank you, sir.
I should send her some flowers.
You already did, sir.
Good morning, Mr. President.
How are you today, Mrs. Chapil?
Fine, sir. Mr. Kodak left a detailed breakdown of the approval poll for you.
He seemed to indicate that it was very good news.
Sixty-three percent of it, at any rate.
Lucy called just a moment ago. You forgot to sign her permission slip.
Ah, the museum trip. I'll go get it, sir.
What time is she getting home?
How's my afternoon look?
Very crowded.
Schedule some time at 3:45.

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