The American President (1995): a Little Tense

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Published 16 Nov 2011
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The clip a little tense from The American President (1995)

Okay, who's on Indiana?
Excuse me. I can't remember your names. Raise your hands if you're on Indiana.
Put your hands down. You're on Illinois.
We got Jarrett.
George Jarrett. He's ours. Solid yes.
I don't believe it. You, new guy.
Jarrett, democrat, Minnesota. Slide his name on over to yes.
His name was laminated to "undecided. " How'd you get his butt off the fence?
I wish I could take credit for it. He says, "I support the president 100%."
Not the bill, the president.
We're gonna win this in a walk. You know, it's like a kissing booth.
Give us a vote, get a photo op with number 63.
We should've gone after the handguns.
We gotta do one thing at a time.
There's no time for one thing at a time.
Hi. It's David in Sydney Wade's office.
Yeah, I'll hold.
It's David in Sydney Wade's office.
I want to confirm her lunch with the congressman.
We could do with a little party leadership.
I mean, is the majority whip taking a break?
Congress is in session, right? I'm not wrong about that?
I just got off with Luther Simons. Brock's on board.
Well, have him get back to me.
You okay, Syd?
Sure. Why?
I don't know. You seem a little tense.
What do you mean?
Big date tonight?
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