The American President (1995): Sydney Breaks Up with Andrew Part 2


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The clip sydney breaks up with andrew Part 2 from The American President (1995) with Annette Bening

It's not good enough that I'm on the cover of People magazine.
I'll call him.
You mean you'll call him yourself, personally?
It'll come from the president?
That's a great idea. You should call Leo and make a deal.
He hires me back for, say, 72 days.
I go around scaring Congress...
making them think the president's about to drive through a very costly bill.
They'll believe me, right? Because I'm the president's Friday night girl.
I don't know if you can dip into that well twice since I've lost credibility.
But you never know. I might pull it off again.
I might give you just the leverage you need...
to pass some ground-breaking piece of crime legislation-
like a mandatory 3-day waiting period before a five-year-old can buy an Uzi.
Fuck the sweater! She'll have to live with disappointment.
What do you think went on here today?
I know exactly what went on here today. I got screwed!
You saw the poll, needed the bill, couldn't get it, so I got screwed!
The environment got screwed, Sydney. Nothing happened to you.
Governing is choosing. Governing is prioritizing.
I made no secret of the fact the crime bill was my top priority.
Well, congratulations.
It's only taken you three years to put together...
crime prevention legislation that has no hope of preventing crime.
Syd, please.
I don't want to lose you over this.
Mr. President, you got bigger problems than losing me.
You just lost my vote.

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