The American President (1995): Insensitive Remark/with Daughter


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The clip insensitive remark/with daughter from The American President (1995)

What if I lose this?
Then move this up here.
David Sasser from the Times wants to know what you think is a great society.
What did you tell him?
That I can't speak for the president...
but for my money, Bermuda.
Your cousin Judith has the flu...
and won't be able to join you Thursday night.
I'm sorry to hear that. Remind me to call her later today.
Yes, sir.
You gonna go stag?
Is that a problem?
No, we've never gone wrong...
parading you around as the lonely widower.
I can't believe I said that. That was an incredibly thoughtless remark.
I would never dream of insulting you with the memory of your wife.
That's okay. Forget it. What time is it?
It's 3:30, sir.
I'm gonna go up and say hi to Lucy.
You have the attorney general at 4:00 and the trade rep at 4:30.
And you promised N.P.R. five minutes.
Mr. President?
Robin, don't worry about it.
Don't stop. It sounds great. What is it?
Well, you're playing with gusto.
Are my lips swollen?
Are they supposed to be?
Well, you're doin' just fine.
What ya got behind your back?
I have a little surprise for you.
Is it a dirt bike?
Is it a really old seventh grade textbook of yours...
that you're gonna make me discuss at dinner and drive me crazy-
I'm not comfortable with the "really old" part, but everything else was true.
Understanding the Constitution.
Your social studies teacher said your class will be studying the Constitution.
You talked to Mr. Linder?
Yes. It's called a parent-teacher conference.
Mr. Linder and I were the key players in the discussion.
So why don't you like social studies?

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