Wolves of Wall Street (2002): Hostage


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The clip hostage from Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

Annie, it's me. If you're there, pick up.
I did it. We're going to need to leave right now,
Because they're coming after us.
I love you.
Well, isn't that sweet?
Hello, jeff.
Who is this?
Three guesses.
Where is she?
Where's annie?
She's a little tied up right now.
Let me talk to her.
You sound frightened, jeff.
Oh, i'm not frightened.
Oh, no?
Well, then what is it?
You know, i'm trying to imagine how it must feel
When someone disappears on you.
Help me understand.
Vince, what you trying to prove?
Vince: i'm not trying to do anything.
You left us. And quite frankly, that doesn't happen.
Let her go.
Maybe after you and i have a little talk,
Man to man,
Maybe i'll consider it.
Look, damn it, i'll do anything. Just let her go.
You see, jeff?
If we'd really taught you well,
You'd know you don't have any leverage to negotiate.
Tell me where you want me to go.
The office. 30 minutes.

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