Wolves of Wall Street (2002): Jealous


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The clip jealous from Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

Oh boy.
Just calm down.
Calm down.
What's happening to me?
This is not nothing!
It's just natural.
You're going through a lot of changes right now.
You're just a pup and dyson's just trying to train you right.
There are going to be growing pains.
I don't know what you're saying.
Dyson's just trying to bury me because of annie.
No, he's not.
He's just being tough with you, so you know how things work around here.
He's jealous of me. He's jealous because i'm dating her and he couldn't.
He's not jealous, jeff.
Sure he is.
Believe me. If he really wanted her, he can have her.
He could.
Hey, look at me.
Isn't this what you wanted your entire life?
Of course it is.
And i'm trying to help you get it.
That's my job.
Whether you like it or not, dyson's your boss.
Don't try to fight that.
Try to find a way to work with that.
Take a deep breath.
Let it go. Let it blow over.

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