Wolves of Wall Street (2002): Getting the Girl


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The clip getting the girl from Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

Annie: we're closed.
I'm jeff allen. We met last week.
I remember.
I know this is late, but-
Ever since i saw you, i can't stop thinking about you.
I haven't had a free moment all week or i would've come by sooner.
Go out with me.
Or say something.
Anything really.
I'm really flattered.
But i have a policy.
I don't date brokers.
I assume you got the job.
I did. Thank you, by the way.
But getting back to this,
Can you make an exception about going out with brokers?
But for what it's worth,
I liked the whole dashing, romantic thing.
Look, i like you.
Go out with me. So what? I'm a broker.
My ex was a broker.
And what?
Was he a bad guy or something?
No. No, he wasn't a bad guy.
Not at all.
It's just- It's the job.
I saw what it did to him.
It changed him.
I'm not your ex.
I know.
Just go out with me. Just once.
If it doesn't work out, fine,

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