Wolves of Wall Street (2002): Training


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The clip training from Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

It takes time to develop your instincts. You've got to concentrate.
Keep them going while you focus in on what you're trying to get across.
Jeff: okay.
Ahem. Hello, mrs. Preminger?
Hi, my name's jeff allen, and i'm calling from
The wolfe brothers brokerage house in new york.
I definitely sense a rise here, yes.
I spoke to a friend inside the company
And they are definitely expecting a merger between ascent or trilogy,
Which of course makes this a gold mine.
Jeff: no, no, no. Don't
Don't hang up.
Look, i'm talking about a locked-In
15% return on investment. Guaranteed.
You don't want to make money?
Focus, jeff. You've got the instinct.
You've just got to feel it.
I'm offering to make you and your wife some easy money,
But if that doesn't interest you...
Let them go if they're not interested.
Trust that they'll come back.
I understand.
What is money, really, right?
Exactly. Why not start off small?

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