Dad (1989): Pre-surgery


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The clip pre-surgery from Dad (1989)

Do I walk around like this, John,
with the back open and all the nurses here?
Yeah. It says right here on the admission slip,
"Dress is informal. "
There you go.
You need to sign this, Dad.
What is it?
It just says if anything happens to you,
I get your catcher's mitt.
I don't have a catcher's mitt.
Sorry. Bad joke.
Dr. Santana ordered this medication.
It's just something to relax you.
If you have any left over, I'd like a little.
Guess you have to pay extra to get one with a personality.
What time is it?
About noon.
Not much longer.
Is this comfortable for you, Dad?
I'm gonna let you rest now.
That stuff's gonna really mellow you out.
Don't forget, if you need anything,
just ring the buzzer here.
I guess this is it, huh?
You're gonna be okay.
You know, John, I see men now,
they hug.
We've never hugged.
Wanna give it a try?
I do.
I love you, Johnny.
I love you, too, Dad.

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