Dad (1989): Taking Care of Dad Part 2


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The clip taking care of dad Part 2 from Dad (1989)

All right, Dad.
Hang on a second here
and I'll have you all settled in.
Let me grab these and I'll be right back.
Why are we here, Ed?
Why aren't we at the farm?
You know they'll be mad at us if we stay,
you know that.
Where's the owner of the house?
This is your house, Dad. What are you talking about?
Mandy is out of the pasture again, Ed.
I'm worried about her.
Well, don't worry, Dad. I'm-I'm sure she's okay.
You think so?
I do.
Hand me that 18 wrench there, by the chicken wire.
That ought to hold it now.
A good night's sleep is what we need here, Dad.
Isn't that's what you always used to say
when we had a problem?
"Let's sleep on it. "
Well, we got ourselves a problem here, Dad.
Let's sleep on it.

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