Dad (1989): New Clothes


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The clip new clothes from Dad (1989)

What's goin' on, Dad?
What are you looking for?
Your mother and I
are starting a new life together, Johnny.
We need some new clothes.
Hey, nice day. How you doing?
I don't know, Dad.
What do you suppose Mom will say about all this?
She'll probably laugh and call me crazy, but she'll laugh.
We haven't had enough laughter in our house
for the past 10 years.
What do you think of that?
Thank you. Thank you, thank you.
Ladies, ladies, the show is about to begin.
No matter how stimulated you become
during the performance,
please remain in your seats at all times.
The house is proud to present the star of our show,
the late sick man and almost corpus delicti,
back from a successful tour of the Caribbean,
Gorgeous Jake.
Give him a big hand.
Come on, give him a big hand.
Here we go.
Also his faithful companion, Billy!
Ladies and gentlemen, Billy!
What is this? What's it for?
This is my outfit for bicycling in Venice
down on the beach.
And maybe roller skating.
And this? This is my baseball-watching outfit.
I think I'll wear it mostly only in the house.
Actually, I'm going to go see a few of the games,
but not in my outfit.
That's good to hear, Jake.
Wait. There's more.

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