Dad (1989): Driving Test


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The clip driving test from Dad (1989)

Okay, Dad.
"If you hit a parked vehicle and cannot find the owner
"you must A: Leave a note on or in the car,
Wait for the owner to return
or C: Leave a message at the nearest house?"
Why are you doing this?
I've already passed the written test.
I know, but you can't be too careful.
One of these very situations
may appear during the driving portion of the test.
I want you to be ready.
If I hit a car in the driving test,
it isn't gonna matter
if I "A: Leave a note on or in the car or not. "
Very good.
Thank you.
We've come this far.
I don't want to see anything go wrong now.
They want us to pull ahead here. Go ahead.
Ease up, ease up, not too fast.
All right, stop.
There he is now.
Jake Tremont?
Yes, sir. Here. Right here.
Actually, he's Jake Tremont.
I'm his son, John.
You probably don't need to know that,
but now you do anyway.
You can't sit there during the test, sir.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Uh, you can't be in the car at all.
What are you talking about?
This is my father.
It's against the law.
I won't say a word. You won't even know I'm here.
I can't administer the test with you in the car.
Either you get out now,
or your father gets a failing grade.
You going to be okay?
I will be as soon as you go.
Before opening the door on the traffic side of your parked car-
I'm going.
Look for bicycles and other vehicles.

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