Dad (1989): Learning Household Chores


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The clip learning household chores from Dad (1989)

I couldn't remember what you liked,
so I thought I'd put out an assortment.
These are good.
I think I'd like to see Mother, Johnny.
I'm not sure that's a good idea just yet, Dad.
I mean, Mom's okay,
but they really like to, uh, limit the number of visitors.
I'm her husband. I should see her.
It's not right.
No, I'm not sure, Annie, but if he thinks he's ready,
I don't know if we should be standing in his way.
Pretty good.
He made me breakfast this morning.
No, I'm serious.
I don't know, a box of granola. It was good.
That sounds right. All right, bye-bye.
Okay, Dad.
Annie's gonna talk to the people at the hospital.
And she thinks we'll be able to visit mom in a day or two.
Oh, good.
You know, Johnny, I
I think I could do these.
I think I could do the dishes.
I made these cards all color-coded.
There's a different set of cards
for each chore.
For example, now,
these pink ones are for dishwashing.
Go ahead, take a look and see what number one is.
Number one:
"Fill sink with water. "
Number two?
"Put one squeeze of soap in water. "

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