Dad (1989): Doing Laundry


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The clip doing laundry from Dad (1989) with Ted Danson, Jack Lemmon

Okay, Dad,
the first thing we have to do here is, let's see,
"Separate the colored articles of clothing from the whites. "
That's so the colors from the dark stuff
don't get on the white stuff.
Oh, that's right.
I think that's the way Mother does it.
Oh, good. Good.
Then we know we're on the right track here.
Al right, let's start off with the coloreds, shall we?
Oh, that's colored.
White, colored, colored.
What about this one?
That one? That is white.
Okay, it's colored.
Dad, it's gotta be one of those.
Maybe we should call Mother.
I'm going to make an executive decision here.
I think It's colored. Okay?
All right.
Let's see here. What do you think we have?
"Uh, normal. Delicate. Permanent Press. "
I'm going to go with "Normal. "
What kind of water do we need?
"Cold-cold, cold-hot, warm-warm, warm-hot. "
What the hell, let's live dangerously.
All right. What do you think?
I think it's white.
It'll be ready Thursday.
All right. How hard was that?
What's the best way to get to the market
from here, Dad?
Oh, I don't know these streets very well now, John.
Mother drives us everywhere we go.
You don't drive at all anymore? Ever?
No, I can't.
My license expired a couple of years ago.
You didn't get go another one?
Well, they wanted me to take a driving test
because of my age.
Oh, and you failed the test?
I didn't take it.
I was afraid I couldn't pass it.
What are you talking about?
You're a terrific driver. You always were.
Johnny, a good driver knows when he's not
a good driver anymore, that's all.

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