Dad (1989): Dad Comes to Meeting


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The clip dad comes to meeting from Dad (1989)

You sure you wanna come up, Dad?
It could be a long meeting.
No, I'll come up. I'll be okay.
I could buy you a lunch here, you could catch a movie.
I'll sit, I'll read a magazine.
I'll be fine.
All right.
John Tremont to see Vic Walton, please.
He's expecting you.
Dad, you sure you're gonna be okay out here
with all this construction?
Sure, as long as no one throws a drop cloth over me.
John, good to see you.
Pardon our mess.
No problem. Good to see you, too, Vic.
This is my father, Jake Tremont.
Dad, this is Vic Walton.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Tremont.
And you.
We're gonna be here about an hour?
I'd say.
All right, well, make yourself comfortable here, Dad.
Wait a minute.
We don't have to leave your father out here.
Mr. Tremont, why don't you come in and sit with us?
I don't think that-
Don't be silly. Come on in.
Ralph, we've given you every benefit of the doubt
and yet our projections
still come up 20% less than yours.
How can you be so confident?
You've-you've never run a business like this before.
And if you're wrong,
we'll be the laughingstock of the industry
and you'll be off on another deal.
Forget about running the cannery.
It loses money every day it's open
but the property it's on
is worth at least $50 million.
How can you be sure of the $50 million?
We think it's a stretch to bring it to $40 million.
I'd like to see some supporting data.
If it's supporting data you need,
Brian will give you a package at the end of the meeting.
Now can I get back to my case?
The real estate is $50 million
and we should have no problem
turning around their trucking operation.
They let the overhead get out of hand
but we have a schedule that shows us

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