Dad (1989): First Meeting with Dad


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The clip first meeting with dad from Dad (1989)

Hello, Dad.
Hello, John.
Nice to see you. You look good.
Good to see you, too.
I'm gonna be staying here a few days.
I know. Annie told me.
You heard what happened to Mother?
Yeah. I was just at the hospital. I saw her.
How is she?
Good. Good.
She said to say hello
and tell you she was comin' home soon.
Something went wrong with her insides, huh?
Yeah, Dad. Something like that.
The heat in your old room doesn't work,
you know.
You may need an extra blanket.
The main thing for you while you're here
will be to keep everything on an even keel.
Mom has a schedule
and their life is essentially one long routine.
Dad gets coffee in the morning. Decaf.
And a sweet roll.
They start the day by clipping coupons, making out a shopping list.
That's very important.
I have a list of pills for you here.
When did he get so bad? I saw him a year ago.
No, you didn't.
What're taking about? I was here for Christmas.
Annie, I think I ought to know.
All right, I saw him two years ago.
A lot happens in two years.
Why didn't you tell me?
I told you. You didn't hear me.
We tried moving him to our place
but he wasn't comfortable.

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