Dad (1989): Mom Loses It


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The clip mom loses it from Dad (1989)

Honey, would you pass me the...
w-wait a minute. Pass, pass...
What do you want? The rice? Here.
What about the fish?
You want that, too? Here.
What about the soy sauce? And some tofu?
No, I can't take this, Jake. I don't want this.
I don't want to know Japanese.
And I don't want to know the neighbors' children.
Mom, would you just... Stop.
I've had it. I've tried so hard
to make it work, and you know that I have.
But since he came out of hospital,
it's been like a loony bin around here.
Costumes and jogging and sex at all hours.
And a make-believe farm in New Jersey!
I'm telling you this man should not be let loose in the street.
Dad is perfectly fine.
He's just trying to enjoy himself!
I didn't live my life to end up like this!
With a crazy person as a companion in my old age!
You know better than that.
The doctor said Dad is not crazy!
As a matter of fact,
he's very impressed he didn't go insane
just hanging around you for 30 years!
Oh, don't.
Please don't.
Don't say those things to your mother.
We're family.
That's all that counts.
Let's love each other and forget.
And please don't fight.
That kills me
when I hear you talking that way.

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