Play Misty for Me (1971): Dave Breaks Up with Evelyn


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The clip dave breaks up with Evelyn from Play Misty for Me (1971)

Just a second.
Come in.
Cold night?
But you got here anyway. Stout fella.
There's something we're gonna have to get straight.
It's amazing what a man will go through for a hot pastrami sandwich.
Wait a minute.
You haven't told me how nice I look.
You look fine.
The sales lady guaranteed you'd flip.
Now, listen. Can we talk?
Don't you like them?
Yeah, they're great, but...
Don't spoil my fun, darling. I love to give you things.
It's Madame Butterfly time.
First, friendly neighborhood geisha remove honorable shoes.
Stop it, Evelyn!
Now, we've gotta talk!
Have I done something wrong?
I'm just trying to be straight with you, that's all.
Be nice to me instead.
Jesus Christ!
I don't understand.
Are you trying to say you don't love me anymore?
I never told you that I loved you.
Not in words maybe, but...
...there are ways of saying things that have nothing to do with words.
I'm sorry you read it that way.
It's that other bitch, isn't it?

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