Grace Is Gone (2007): Family Dinner


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The clip family dinner from Grace Is Gone (2007)

in the capital today,
killing at least four people,
and there have also been reports
of skirmishes between gunmen...
What was that?
What were you watching?
Turn it back on.
Not everyone is pleased
with the new order of things in Baghdad.
Thousands today demonstrated in front...
I'm sorry, Dad.
You better be.
...the demonstration organized
by anti-occupation Shiites.
In a disturbing development is Basra in Iraq's south,
the Iranians...
...raising new security concerns...
What's this I hear about you falling asleep in school?
You know better than that.
I'm sorry.
We get plenty of sleep here every night.
There's no excuse for you to be falling asleep in school.
I know.
I'm not going to have to talk to you
about this again, am I?
I didn't hear you.
I want you to go to Mrs. Shimerhorn tomorrow.
I want you to apologize,
I want you to ask for extra work to show for your disrespect.
But, Dad...
No buts.
Dad, she's going to have her baby any day.
And she's really grouchy right now.
Then you'd better ask her really nice.
Dad, l... I can't just go up to her...
...and ask her for more work when l...

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