Grace Is Gone (2007): Driving Around


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The clip driving around from Grace Is Gone (2007)

What about Uncle John?
What about Uncle John?
We didn't get to say good-bye.
You'll see him again.
I'm bored. Let's drive into a field.
No, Dawn. We already did that.
Why not?
Because we already did it.
So we ought to do something else.
Seems like we've been driving forever.
Well, it's going to be forever with that attitude, isn't it?
You're kind of quiet back there, Heidi.
What are you doing?
Just working on my report.
What's your report about?
Whose idea was that?
Mrs. Shimerhorn's.
Mrs. Shimerhorn's.
Why does she think that's a good idea?
Because she thought it would help or something.
Help with what? What do you need help with?
I don't know. You know how people get when Mom goes away.
No. How do they get?
Like serious.

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