Grace Is Gone (2007): Bonding with Uncle John


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The clip bonding with uncle John from Grace Is Gone (2007) with Alessandro Nivola

Why don't you and Dad like each other?
Did your dad tell you that?
Well, we're just... we're just different.
We have different opinions.
Doesn't mean we don't like each other.
I mean, do you agree with him about everything?
You shouldn't.
Why not?
Because it's important
that people have their own views
based on an understanding of facts.
But it's also important not to trust the facts
because most of them are lies.
I don't understand.
Well, it basically comes down to a...
gut thing.
You just have to be open to allowing
for a truth which differs from your own opinions,
or else you'll never actually see the truth at all.
What's that about?
It's her time of day.
What, it's... it's her time of day?
Mom and Dawn both set their watches
at the same time every day.
That way, they know
that they're both thinking of each other
at the same moment.
Do you...
want to play tag?

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