Double Indemnity (1944): The Cover-up


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The clip The cover-up from Double Indemnity (1944)

Porter, will you make up my berth right away?
Yes, sir.
I'm going back to the observation car for a smoke.
Right this way, sir.
...Like a chair?
No, thanks. I'd rather stand.
You going far?
Palo Alto.
My name's Jackson.
I'm going all the way to Medford. Medford, Oregon.
I had a broken arm once.
That darn cast itches something fierce, doesn't it?
I thought I'd go crazy with mine.
Palo Alto's a nice little town. You a Stanford man?
I used to be.
I'll bet you left something behind.
I always do.
My cigar case. I guess I left it in my overcoat back in the section.
Would you care to roll yourself a cigarette, Mister...
No thanks, I really prefer a cigar.
Maybe the porter could... Well, I could get your cigars for you.
Be glad to, Mr. Dietrichson.
If it's not too much trouble.
Car 9, section 11.
Car 9, section 11. With pleasure.

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