Double Indemnity (1944): Suspecting Mrs Dietrichson Part 3


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The clip suspecting Mrs Dietrichson Part 3 from Double Indemnity (1944)

Who do you suspect?
Maybe I like to make things easy for myself.
But I always tend to suspect the beneficiary.
You mean the wife?
That wide-eyed dame that just didn't know anything about anything.
You're crazy, Keyes. She wasn't even on the train.
I know she wasn't, Walter.
I don't claim to know how it was worked, or who worked it...
...but all I know is that it was worked.
I've got to get to a drugstore.
This thing feels like a hunk of concrete inside me.
Good night, Walter.
Good night, Keyes.
See you at the office in the morning.
I'd like to move in on her right now, tonight.
If it wasn't for Norton and his striped-pants ideas about company policy...
I'd have the police after her so fast it'd make her head spin.
They'd put her through the wringer...
...and, brother, the things they would squeeze out.
Only you haven't got a single thing to go on, Keyes.
Not too much. Just 26 years experience...
...all the percentage there is, and this hunk of concrete in my stomach.
Can I have one of those things?
Good night, Keyes.
So long, Walter.

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