Double Indemnity (1944): Meeting Mrs Dietrichson

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The clip Meeting Mrs Dietrichson from Double Indemnity (1944) Is Mr. Dietrichson in? Who wants to see him?...
The clip Meeting Mrs Dietrichson from Double Indemnity (1944) Is Mr. Dietrichson in? Who wants to see him? My name is Neff. Walter Neff. If you're selling something... Look, it's Mr. Dietrichson I want to talk to... ...and it's not magazine subscriptions. Listen, Mr. Dietrichson is not in. How soon do you expect him? He'll be home when he gets here, if that's any help to you. What is it, Nettie? Who is it? It's for Mr. Dietrichson. I'm Mrs. Dietrichson. What is it? How do you do, Mrs. Dietrichson? I'm Walter Neff, Pacific All Risk. Pacific all what? The Pacific All Risk Insurance Company. It's about some renewals on the automobiles. I've been trying to contact your husband for the past two weeks... ...but he's never in his office. Is there anything I can do? The insurance ran out on the 15th. I'd hate to think of your having a smashed fender... ...or something while you're not... ...fully covered. Perhaps I know what you mean, Mr. Neff. I've just been taking a sunbath. No pigeons around, I hope. About those policies, Mrs. Dietrichson, I hate to take up your time, but... Oh, that's all right. If you'll wait till I put something on, I'll be right down. Nettie, show Mr. Neff into the living room. Where would the living room be? In there, but they keep the liquor locked up. It's all right. I always carry my own keys. The living room was still stuffy... ...from last night's cigars. The windows were closed... ...and the sunshine coming in through the venetian blinds... ...showed up the dust in the air. On the piano, in a couple of fancy frames, were Mr. Dietrichson and Lola... ...his daughter by his first wife. They had a bowl of those little red goldfish... ...on the table behind the big davenport. But to tell you the truth, Keyes... I wasn't a whole lot interested in goldfish right then. Or in auto renewals, or in Mr. Dietrichson and his daughter Lola. I was thinking about that dame upstairs, and the way she had looked at me... ...and I wanted to see her again, close... ...without that silly staircase between us.