Double Indemnity (1944): First Kiss Part 2


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The clip First kiss Part 2 from Double Indemnity (1944)

Like the first time you came to the house.
It can't be like the first time.
Something's happened.
I know it has.
It's happened to us.
I feel as if he was watching me. Not that he cares. Not anymore.
He keeps me on a leash so tight I can't breathe.
He's in Long Beach, isn't he? Relax.
Maybe I oughtn't to have come.
Maybe you oughtn't.
You want me to go?
If you want to.
Right now?
Sure, right now.
I'm crazy about you, baby.
I'm crazy about you, Walter.
That perfume on your hair. What's the name of it?
I don't know. I bought it in Ensenada.
You ought to have some of that pink wine to go with it.
The kind that bubbles.
All I got is bourbon.
Bourbon is fine, Walter.

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