Double Indemnity (1944): Duping Mr Dietrichson

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The clip Duping Mr Dietrichson from Double Indemnity (1944) I knew he wouldn't buy, but all I wanted was h...
The clip Duping Mr Dietrichson from Double Indemnity (1944) I knew he wouldn't buy, but all I wanted was his signature on an application. So I had to get him to sign without his knowing what he was signing. And I wanted another witness besides Phyllis to hear me give him a sales talk. I was trying to think with your brains, Keyes... ...because I wanted all the answers ready... ...for all the questions you were gonna spring as soon as Dietrichson was dead. A couple of nights later I went to the house. Everything looked fine, except I didn't like the witness Phyllis had brought in. It was Dietrichson's daughter, Lola. And it made me feel a little queer in the belly... have her sitting right there in the room, playing Chinese checkers... if nothing were going to happen. I suppose you realize, Mr. Dietrichson... ...that, not being an employee... are not covered by the State Compensation Insurance Act. The only way you can protect yourself is by having a personal policy of your own. Yeah, I know all about that. The next thing you'll tell me I need... ...earthquake insurance and lightning insurance and hail insurance. If we bought all the insurance they can think up... ...we'd stay broke paying for it, wouldn't we, honey? What keeps us broke is you going out and buying five hats at a crack. Who needs a hat in California? Dollar for dollar, Mr. Dietrichson... ...accident insurance is the cheapest coverage you can buy. Well, maybe some other time, Mr. Neff. I had a tough day. Just as you say. Suppose we just settle that automobile insurance tonight. Sure. All we'll need on that is for you to sign the application for renewal. Phyllis, do you mind if we don't finish this game? It bores me stiff. Got something better to do? Yes, I have. Father, is it all right if I run along now? Run along where? Who with? Just Anne. We're going roller-skating. Anne who? Anne Matthews. It's not that Nino Zachetti again, is it? It better not be that Zachetti guy. If I ever catch you with that... It's Anne Matthews, I told you. And I also told you we're going roller-skating. I'm meeting her at the corner of Vermont and Franklin, the northwest corner... case you're interested, and I'm late already. I hope that's all quite clear. Good night, Father. Good night, Phyllis. Good night, Miss Dietrichson.