Double Indemnity (1944): Crooking the House Part 4


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The clip Crooking the house Part 4 from Double Indemnity (1944)

In three minutes he'd know it wasn't an accident.
In 10 minutes you'd be sitting under the hot lights.
In a half-hour you'd be signing your name to a confession.
But, Walter, I didn't do it and I'm not going to do it.
Not if there's an insurance company in the picture, baby.
They know more tricks than a carload of monkeys.
And if there's a death mixed up in it, you haven't got a prayer.
They'll hang you just as sure as ten dimes will buy a dollar.
And I don't want you to hang, baby.
Stop thinking about it, will you?
So we just sat there.
She started crying softly, like the rain on the window, and we didn't say anything.
Maybe she had stopped thinking about it, but I hadn't.
I couldn't.
Because it all tied up with something I'd been thinking about for years.
Since long before I ever ran into Phyllis Dietrichson.
Because you know how it is, Keyes.
In this business you can't sleep...
...for trying to figure out all the tricks they could pull on you.
You're like the guy behind the roulette wheel...
...watching the customers to make sure they don't crook the house.
And then one night, you get to thinking how you could crook the house yourself.
And do it smart.
Because you've got that wheel right under your hands.
You know every notch in it by heart.
And you figure all you need is a plant out front.
A shill to put down the bet.
And suddenly the doorbell rings...
...and the whole setup is right there in the room with you.
Look, Keyes, I'm not trying to whitewash myself.
I fought it, only I guess I didn't fight it hard enough.
The stakes were $50,000, but they were the life of a man, too.
A man who'd never done me any dirt, except...
...he was married to a woman he didn't care anything about.

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