Double Indemnity (1944): Crooking the House Part 3


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The clip Crooking the house Part 3 from Double Indemnity (1944)

What daughter? You mean the little girl on the piano?
Lola. She lives with us.
He thinks a lot more of her than he does of me.
You ever think of a divorce?
He wouldn't give me a divorce.
I suppose because it'd cost him too much money.
He hasn't got any money. Not since he went into the oil business.
But he had when you married him?
Yes, he had. And I wanted a home. Why not?
But that's not the only reason. I was his wife's nurse.
She was sick a long time. When she died, he was terribly broken up.
I pitied him so.
And now you hate him.
Yes, Walter. He's so mean to me.
Every time I buy a dress or a pair of shoes he yells his head off.
He never lets me go anywhere. He keeps me shut up.
He's always been mean to me.
Even his life insurance all goes to that daughter of his.
That Lola.
Nothing for you at all?
No. And nothing is just what I'm worth to him.
So you lie awake in the dark and listen to him snore and get ideas.
Walter, I don't want to kill him. I never did.
Not even when he gets drunk and slaps my face.
Only sometimes you wish he was dead.
Perhaps I do.
Then you wish it was an accident, and you had that policy for $50,000.
Is that it?
Perhaps that, too.
The other night we drove home from a party. He was drunk again.
When we drove into the garage, he just sat there with his head on the steering wheel...
...and the motor still running.
And I thought what it would be like if I didn't switch it off...
...just closed the garage doors and left him there.
I'll tell you what it'd be like.
If you had that accident policy and tried to pull a monoxide job...
We've got a guy in our office named Keyes.
For him a setup like that'd be just like a slice of rare roast beef.

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