Being John Malkovich (1999): Playing-with-people


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The clip playing-with-people from Being John Malkovich (1999) with John Malkovich, Catherine Keener. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

That was incredible! You're brilliant!
You see, Maxine, it isn't just playing with dolls.
My darling, it's so much more!
It's playing with people.
Stay in him forever.
How will we make a living if our clientele can't access to our product?
Well, we'll have all the money in Malkovich's bank account plus he does get acting work occasionally.
No, please!
Shut up! We're trying to think here.
It is sort of like puppeteering.
I like that about it.
And no one would ever even have to know it's not him.
And I could use Malkovich's existing notoriety to launch my own puppeteering career.
Craigy, that's brilliant.
So lovely. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a penis.

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