Being John Malkovich (1999): Tense Relationship


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The clip Tense Relationship from Being John Malkovich (1999) with John Malkovich, Cameron Diaz

Shut up! Shut up!
Hey, shut up!
Shut up!
I'm sorry, honey.
Sorry, honey.
Sorry, honey.
Shut up!
Help! She's locking me in a cage.
Isn't that cute?
I just taught him that today.
Yeah, that's adorable.
You want to do some dishes for me?
Put that down.
Here, Elijah. Here you go.
You know, I have an appointment tomorrow with Elijah's shrink.
I think we're finally getting down to the bottom of this acid stomach, aren't we? Come here.
Get down from the...
She thinks that it's some sort of childhood trauma.
Feelings of inadequacy as a chimp, you know?
Careful. Isn't that interesting?
I find it really interesting.
So, honey, have you thought any more about us having a baby?
I think it's just so tough right now, economically and all that I think maybe we should just wait and see if this job thing pays off.
You know?

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