Being John Malkovich (1999): A-day-at-the-office


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What magic those fingers could work on the right cabinet.
Maybe you could alphabetize me.
And don't forget "l" comes before "U."
Floris, I think you're very nice but the truth is that I'm in love with someone else.
I'm afraid I have no idea what you're saying to me.
You bastard.
Don't toy with Floris, Schwartz.
If I was 80 years younger, I'd box your ears.
I wasn't toying with her, sir. I wouldn't...
Pardon me. How old are you, sir?
Carrot juice, and lots of it.
I swear, sometimes it's not worth it. I piss orange.
And I have to piss sitting down like a goddamn girly-girl, every 15 minutes.
But nobody wants to die.
To be a young man again.
Maybe then Floris would care for me.
The elderly have so much to offer. They're our link with history.
I don't wanna be your goddamn link, damn ya.
I want to feel Floris's naked thighs next to mine.
I want my body to inspire lust in that beautiful, complex woman.
I want her to shiver with a spasm of ecstasy as I penetrate her wet...
Dr. Lester, while I'm flattered you would share your feelings with me the workplace isn't the most suitable environment for this type of discussion.
You're right. I'll tell you what.
Meet me after work today at Jerry's Juiceteria on Lex and I'll spill my goddamn guts for ya.

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