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And so it was, that just eight short months ago John Malkovich dropped the bombshell that sent shock waves through the entertainment community.
Turning his back on his former profession, Malkovich had to start from scratch and pay his dues all over again as a fledgling puppeteer.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm John Malkovich.
I'm really John Malkovich.
From these inauspicious beginnings John Malkovich's rise to stardom was fast and furious.
His breakout performance was at this year's Emmy Awards...
It's really good! I look really amazing.
I'd fuck me.
If there's anything that upsets me about it it's feeling like if I move into it too quickly l'll be, you know, deemed an imitator.
But, I think that once we all get the courage to follow through on our instincts, like Malkovich has I think that a lot of us will move into puppetry.
Malkovich's rise to fame brought about a renaissance in puppeteering.
No, no, no. What are you doing?
I'm making him weep, John.
You're making him weep, but you're not weeping.
Don't ever... with your audience.
Until the puppet becomes an extension of you, it's a novelty act.
It's Topo Gigio.
He's a technical genius.
He breathes life into inanimate objects.
It's a very godlike thing to be able to take something and, you know, make it live.

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