Dead Silence (2007): Jamie Stopped by the Det.


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The clip Jamie stopped by the Det. from Dead Silence (2007) with Donnie Wahlberg, Ryan Kwanten

Well, hey, there!
I was wondering if you could help me with a missing person's case.
I'm looking for a male, brown hair, he's around this tall,
sometimes seen with a hand up his ass.
Actually, his brothers and sisters have just gone missing, too.
What are you talking about?
Somebody dug them up.
All 100 of them.
What I want to know is who did it and why.
So do I!
Don't give me some ghost story about a woman who kills you if you scream,
because nobody in this town has ever heard of Mary Shaw
or your little fairy tale.
They're lying!
They're afraid!
Afraid of what?
Afraid of ghosts?
Or are they afraid of talking to the cop who's investigating your wife's murder?
They have no reason to protect me.
But they believe in Mary Shaw.
That's why they won't answer your stupid questions.
No, it's you who won't answer my questions, Jamie.
That's why I'm going to arrest you for stealing evidence.
Then I'm going to sit you down, and you will...
What do you want me to tell you?
Something less perplexing than a ghost story. Come on.
Jamie, is everything all right?
It's for you. They said it was urgent.
Go ahead.

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