Dead Silence (2007): Jamie Meeting Father and Asking Questions


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The clip Jamie meeting father and asking questions from Dead Silence (2007)

Jamie, you're just in time for dinner.
I'm not hungry.
It's soup.
Delicious, too, if I must say so myself.
I'll vouch for that.
I didn't come here to eat, I came to talk
about Mary Shaw.
You lied to me.
No, I didn't.
Sit down.
No, I want the truth.
What does Michael Ashen and our family have to do with Mary Shaw?
When he was a boy,
your great-uncle, Michael Ashen, vanished without a trace.
For our family, there was only ever one suspect,
Mary Shaw.
So, they dealt their own justice.
They forced her to scream.
Then cut out her tongue.
Our family killed her?
Along with others from Ravens Fair.
But she didn't stay dead.
She came back and took her revenge.
One by one, each of the men involved were killed.
Their tongues ripped out.
And then the same thing happened to their wives.
And then their children.
And their children's children.
All these years you've resented me for sending you away,
but I did it to distance you from this curse.
Well, it found Lisa!

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