Dead Silence (2007): Mary Shaw Show


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The clip Mary Shaw show from Dead Silence (2007)

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be astounded.
Prepare to be amazed.
Witness Mary Shaw give life to the boy made of wood.
Where is Billy?
Where are you, Billy?
You won't find me, Mother!
I knew you were hiding out there!
You, there!
Could you check under your seat for me?
He's here!
Would you mind bringing him to me?
Good boy.
Say thank you.
Thank you, Henry.
Is that right, young man?
Is your name Henry?
Well, I guess my boy's had his eye on you.
Now, why did you run away, Billy?
Don't I treat you well?
Oh, yes, you're the best mother I could ever hope for!
It's just that it gets so dusty inside that little box,
it makes me want to...
Want to what?
Want to...
Want to...

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