Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008): Talking to Miri and Jerking off Lester Part 2

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The clip talking to miri and jerking off lester Part 2 from Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) with Seth Rog...
The clip talking to miri and jerking off lester Part 2 from Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) with Seth Rogen, Jason Mewes Or what your senior prom dress would've looked like had we gone but we decided not to, and we got drunk alone instead. Or that you washed your hair in the toilet. We're not fucking, Zack. Or that you're not fucking Zack-- What? I asked her to fuck me. She wouldn't do it. I even tried to talk her into giving me the fucking Dutch rudder. Shot me down on that too. And a Dutch rudder is? Don't know what a Dutch rudder--? All right, you grab your dick, then you have someone else work your arm. Here, let me show you. All right, grab my arm. I'm grabbing my dick, you're grabbing my arm. Now work it. Work my arm. See that shit? Work it up and down. It's like someone else is jerking you off. Okay. There's the double Dutch rudder, which, I grab my dick, you grab your dick, you work my arm, I work your arm, same time. It's like jerking off together but not gay. We're not touching dicks, each other's dicks anyway. I'm touching my own dick. You're working it, and I'm loving it. It feels good, sir. Try me, come on. Sorry to change the subject on you, Lester, but if you're not fucking Miri, why is your dick out right now? Because I live here now, and I like to be naked. What? When you moved out, she couldn't afford to pay her rent by herself, so I moved in to help. But you just came out of her room. That's my room now. She moved in your old room. Wait, wait, wait. She changed rooms? Yeah, she said she did it because she missed the smell of you or some shit. I don't smell anything. But you know what? That probably means she loves you. Night, Zack. Night.