How High (2001): Party Invitation


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The clip party invitation from How High (2001)

If the chancellor throwin' a Halloween party,
wait till Harvard see our Halloween party!
Yeah, but if Dean Cain find out about this shit,
he gonna be mad
What the fuck is he gonna do? We've got the Ivory.
We're gettin' straight ?A's.?
We've got this motherfucker locked up.
They look like they got money. Oh, he kinda cute.
Girl, we gonna get paid!
Ooh, how you doin'? For real!
End-table ass! Hella Back!
Where the party at? We're tryin' to get a party on.
We havin' a party-- costume party at the Lovell House.
1:00 p.m.
Please bring your ass and titties along with you.
We want all the ho's out here to come.
Did you just call us ho's?
I meant that in a good way.
Oh, okay.
Bring all your horny friends. There you go. Just bring all the ho's.
Y'all gonna pay us, right?
I don't hear nothin'.
Yeah, we got dough.
Yeah, we got dough. If not, our best friends got dough.
And if not, they best friends got dough.
Yeah, we down with that. Ballers and stuff gonna be there?
Ass, titties, ballers. Go, girl, go!
We gonna be there. All right!
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