How High (2001): Now Nothin'


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The clip now nothin' from How High (2001)

I'm gonna tell you something. This pimpin' that I got came from a family tree.
My granddaddy was a pimp.
My great-great-great-granddaddy was a pimp.
I'm talkin' about pimpin' been since pimpin'...
since been pimpin' since been pimpin'.
It's in your bloodline. It's in my blood, and you will never be that.
Because, you was born,
all the people in your family were assistant pimps.
You's a pimp. I never deny you that.
I thought you was the one the Lord chose.
If it had not been for the Lord,
I would not have had not a bitch come into my life.
Goddamn, not a-- Not a hell, not a bitch.
Nobody say that now nothin' like you say that now nothin'.
Not a now, not a bitch. I still don't know what that shit mean,
but it sound good!
Now nothin' mean ?don't get a now nothin'.?
Now nothin'. A now nothin' nothin' now.
Bitch, shut up and drive this fuckin' car.

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